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Keep in Mind that every product shown here
  was at one point in time created by some one just like You!  
  What's New?
We can add many items to our Desk Accessories.


We can create many items for the Executive who deserves that Executive desk look and feel.

Keep in Mind,
if you are looking for something to hold your Business cards, display your logo or tell you when the big project is due we have you covered

Most wood can be substituted for Other Wood such as Oak, Maple, Cherry, Poplar, Mahogany

OR other Materials such as Aluminum, Acrylic/Lucite (clear or colored), Corian (100+ colors), Marble, Granite, etc..

Endless Possibilities?
Remember we can combine many of our other services to create what you want, to your specifications.

Note: although most of the products are shown with American Walnut many could have easily been made with
Acrylic/Lucite, Corian, Oak-Maple-Cherry-Mahoganny-Poplar, Marble, Granite or any of our other Materials.
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