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Laser Engraving

Precision & Decorative Laser Engraving(CO2 & Nd Yag, 14,000+ watts, Soon to Reach 30 Systems) Most Metalic & NonMetalic Materials: Composites, Plastic, Ceramic, Wood, Fabric, Felt, Foams, Corian«, Brick, Tile, Paperboard...
Laser Engraving is one of Lasermation's core competencies and our database of engraved materials is unbelievably extensive. Engraving in the traditional sense is achieved via mechanical means. Etching conversely is achieved via a chemical means. With Lasers you are dealing with Quantum Physics. In simple terms Lasermation pushes an extremely focused beam of light which vaporizes material. The typical by product or waste is heat and vibration. On both conceptual and visual levels the process is truely awesome.
EXTENSIVE Art, Design, Decorating & Manufacturing Services.

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